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Analytics Pricing

  Analytics Reporting Package Analytics Management Package A/B Testing Package  

AIM will set up Analytics & leave the Analysis up to you.

What is included:
  • Standard Analytics Code Installation

  • Monthly Visitor Reporting

  • Conversion Recording

  • Leading Traffic Sources

  • Top Content

Custom Analytics Setup & Profession Analysis.

What is included:
  • Custom Analytics Coding & Installation

  • Monthly Reporting Analysis

  • Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate

  • Detailed Conversion Recording

  • Keyword Cost vs Income

  • Shopping Cart Funnel

  • We use Reporting to Facilitate Action

The Ultimate use for Analytics. Find out what customers really like!

What is included:
  • Home Page A/B Testing

  • Mutivariate Testing

  • Landing Page Creation

  • Page Flow Thru Analysis

  • In-Page Analytics

  $19.99 / Month Contact AIM to discuss program options that fit your needs. Contact AIM to discuss program options that fit your needs.   

More Details

Analytics Reporting Package:

AIM's Analytics Reporting Package is designed for those that want to draw their own conclusions for the analytics data. AIM will set up and send a variety of different reports mined from surfers on your site. Analytics Reporting helps a site owner see the website through the eyes of the surfer. You will be able to find out what pages are favorable to your surfers and which pages are really bombing. You'll be able to find out where your traffic is coming from, which keywords brought them to your site and what they did once they were there. Then it is all up to you to figure out how to use this data.

Analytics Management Package:

Not sure what all the numbers mean? Let the experienced analytics managers at AIM figure them out for you. AIM will set up all the analytics codes needed to get the data we'll need to take action and improve your visitors experience. Improve the visitor experience and you will improve site conversions. If you are currently running a PPC Campaign, you probably know which keywords are converting but wouldn't it be even better to know how much revenue each keyword conversion brings in? Maybe there is a page in your shopping cart's checkout sequence that loses more than it's fair share of customers. Wouldn't it be nice to know exactly what page is causing the problem and then be able to take action on that? AIM will analyze, test and rewrite pages of your site on a continual basis to ensure you are holding on to as many customers as possible.

A/B Testing Package:

In our A/B Testing Package, AIM will analyze all your high volume pages, find the worst performing pages and then create a plan to start to test new variations. A/B Testing is when you create more than one page, randomly rotate them in the same place and measure the success of each. As an example, you may like your home page written just the way it is, but you seem to be losing quite a few visitors from it. AIM will review the page layout, analyze the numbers and create a new home page that varies from the original. Variations may include test layout, image locations, color variations, etc. These pages will now divided up so that half the new visitors see variation A and the other half see variation B. We'll record everything these visitors do and after a determined amount of visits, we'll declare a winner. This process can be done several times, testing several scenarios.
If your website has a high volume of visits, we would recommend Multivariate Testing. With Multivariate Testing, we can test multiple scenarios at one time. Let say you have two images and want to see which corner of the screen they work best in. You also have two captions for each image. Instead of creating 24 different pages to test, we'll create one page that allows us to test all possible variations. This is simple scenario but you should be able to see how much of a time saver this sort of testing can be.
There are too many factors that come into play for us to preprice this package. Please contact AIM so that we can discuss your needs and put together a detailed proposal just for you.