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Below are term and acronyms that you will find used by most all Pay Per Click Sites such as AdWords and adCenter:

Word a searcher types into the search engines to find results for whatever they are looking for. Word a campaign manager pays for to get site listed on Paid Advertising.

Key Phrase

Same definition as Keyword but a phrase can have multiple words.


Anytime your ad appears on a page a searcher is visiting counts as an impression. Be aware that even if the ad is not visible without scrolling down or to the right, the act of going to that page logs an impression.


A click is logged when a searcher clicks on a text ad, banner ad, image ad or emailed ad link. It is the website’s campaign manager’s responsibility to make sure that the link the ad is pointing to is relevant and active as the site owner is charged for the click regardless of results.

CTR = Click Thru Rate

The rate at which an impression creates a click.

CPC = Cost Per Click

The average cost spent per each single click.

CPM = Cost Per Thousand

The average cost of 1,000 impressions.


A conversion is the completion of an act that the advertiser determines to be one of the main goals for creating the ad campaign. This is typically the completion of an order, news letter sign up, a download, catalog request, add email to contact or a contact us request.

Conversion Rate

The rate at which a click creates a conversion.

Definitions of Online Marketing Terms
By AIM: Specialists in Website Management
Below is a list of internet marketing terms and acronyms followed by their definitions presented in layman terms.

SEM = Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing, also know as Paid Search, is where a keyword triggers a text or image ad and you are charged when a person clicks on that Ad. Costs will very based on the search engine you are using, the competitiveness of the keyword and the position that you pay for.

PPC = Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click is a method of online advertising where a website posts a link on a site and is charged a fee for every click generated from hosting site (example: Google) to advertising site (example: Your site). The fee is determined and agreed upon prior online to ad being posted.

Organic Search

Results provided by a search engine that are based solely upon the relevance of the search word or phrase used following the algorithm of that particular search engine. No paid listings are mixed in with organic searches.

SEO = Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the ongoing process of creating a web site or web page that will rank high within the free listing section of search engines based on the search term or phrase used in the search.


Google’s search engine advertising program where website owners pay to have their site listed in Google Search based on keywords and phrases the owner of the site chooses and bids on.

YSM = Yahoo Search Marketing

Yahoo’s search engine advertising program where website owners pay to have their site listed in Yahoo! Search based on keywords and phrases the owner of the site chooses and bids on. YSM has now merged with MicroSoft AdCenter

MicroSoft AdCenter

MicroSoft's search engine advertising program where website owners pay to have their site listed in MSN Search and Bing based on keywords and phrases the owner of the site chooses and bids on.

PR = Page Rank

Google’s patented algorithm that assigns a numerical weighting to a web page as a way to determine the relevance of a page based on the theme and content of the page. PR0 would be the least relevant and PR10 the most relevant.

Web Analytics

Using website traffic data to increase customer satisfaction, website efficiency and conversion rates.

KPI's = Key Performance Indicators

Anything about a website that is determined to essential for that sites success. Key Performance Indicators must be defined, measured and tested for best results.

Email Campaign

Compiling and managing an opt-in email list for the purposes of notifying the list about sales, news, specials or any other information that provides value to the receiver.

CSE's = Comparison Search Engines

Search Engine Sites that contain only online products. The products are categorized and displayed by exact or similar products from multiple websites, which allow the customer to compare prices, freight costs, delivery time and other policies of the various sites.

Link Building

The process of having a hyper-link added to another website that points back to your website. Having many popular, high traffic websites linking to yours lets search engines know that your site has value and is important enough to be placed higher in organic searches.

Link Exchange

Link Exchanges are where two parties agree to add a link from their site to the others. This is also known as Reciprocal Links


Monetary transactions carried out over the world wide web.

Online Marketing

Any type of advertising or website promotion that is done over the world wide web.

Banner Ads

One of the original forms for advertising on the world wide web. Banner ads may contain text, images, or sometimes those annoying animations that make it hard to focus on the page's content. Regardless of the type of banner ad, when a user clicks the advertisement, he or she is redirected to the advertiser's website.

Search Directory

A website that categorizes other websites by the types of products or services that the listed site provides. Most Directories use the drill down method where each click into the originating category narrows the products or services down until the user gets to their desired product or service.

Social Networking Site

A website that is designed to connect people together online. Networking sites can be themed with the purpose of getting friends and family together, for dating or for company public relations. Sites can be vast in scope, like Facebook, which is themed for all to join, down to a very narrow themed site that may just try to get a certain high school or job class, like web designers, to join.