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  • Google Adwords® Management
  • Bing AdCenter® Management
  • Facebook® Ads Management
  • Directory Listing
  • Link Building
  • Social Network Development
  • Web Analytics
  • Email Campaigns

Are you getting the most Impressions out of your budget?
Are you getting the most out of your Cost Per Click?
Are you getting as many free clicks as you could?

AIM will improve your Advertising Returns!

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What you get:
  • 1 Pay Per Click Campaign set up in the search engine of your request.

  • 2 different Ad Groups set up within the Campaign

  • 3 Ad copies written for each Ad Group.

  • 5 keywords selected per Ad Group.

"Paid placement programs can seem easy and affordable for businesses to start driving high-quality traffic to their websites almost immediately. But advertisers need to be aware of the challenges to manage their campaigns effectively, as there are many best practices as well as pitfalls that can turn an otherwise profitable campaign into a money-loser."

Kevin Lee  -  Search Engine Advertising
Need help with the online advertising terminology? Check out our Online Marketing Term and Acronym Definitions page.

Online Marketing
SEM, SEO & Social Media Management
Are you new to online marketing and not sure what to do? Do you want an online presence but can't find the time to do it successfully? Maybe you are considering doing Search Engine Marketing (SEM) in house but you're not sure who should take up (or has the time for) the extra responsibility? Advanced Internet Marketing is the answer to these questions. Our staff can create and manage Pay Per Click & Search Engine Optimization campaigns for any budget.

SEM: Search Engine Marketing

The fastest way to create a web presence is by advertising through Google and Facebook's Pay Per Click campaigns. AIM can work with you to create a new campaign or we can manage a campaign you currently have running. We are experts at managing PPC Campaigns to get the most out of your revenue.

We don't just get you listed, we have a proven track record of getting higher Conversion Rates and lower Cost Per Conversion Rates than the national average.

Features include:

  • Pay Per Click Campaigns (PPC)
  • Keyword Discovery
  • Create Ad Variations
  • Landing Page Discovery and Optimization
  • Budget Review
  • Demographics Review
  • Cost Per Click Analysis
  • Cost Per Conversion Analysis
  • Goal Tracking

Search Engine Optimization:

Organic placement on relevant Search Engines is essential for the long term growth of any company utilizing the web. AIM uses today's best practices and a common sense approach to help your site reach as many customers as possible.

Features include:

  • WebPage Structure
  • Meta Tags Review
  • Keyword Targeting
  • Link Building Strategies
  • Directory Placement
  • Social Network Development
  • Website Analytics
  • Competitive Analysis

Social Media Marketing

If your not having a conversation with your customers, you are falling behind. AIM can help you define social media goals and plan out a strategy to acheive them.
  • Define & Build your Social Strategy
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Yelp
  • Blog Accounts

Email Campaigns

Opt-in Email campaigns are an essential part of any online marketing campaign. Whether you want to reach new customers or keep in touch with your current customers, AIM can create and manage it. We follow all CAN-SPAM Act regulations as well as being email etiquette. Email notices can...
  • Reach New Customers
  • Send Coupon Codes
  • Send Surveys
  • Inform Customers of New Products
  • Inform Customers of Sale Items and Specials

If you need help managing any of these areas, contact AIM for more information on how we can help.

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