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Pay Per Click Campaign Pricing

  PPC Starter Package PPC Monthly Service SEO & Alternative Marketing  

Get started today for as little as $99!

What it includes:
  • A Pay Per Click Campaign set up in the search engine of your request.

  • 2 different Ad Groups set up within the Campaign.

  • 3 Ad copies written for each Ad Group.

  • 5 keywords selected per Ad Group.

Let a Professional Marketer Manage your PPC Campaign.

What it includes:
  • Ongoing Keword Discover

  • Ad Copy Rotation

  • Category Specific Landing Page Creation

  • Daily Cost Monitoring

  • Monthy Campaign Reporting

  • Cost Per Conversion Management

AIM can do so much more than managing your PPC Campaigns.

  • Email Marketing

  • Press Releases

  • Competitive Search Engines

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Pay Per Impression TV Advertising

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Link Building

  $99! Minimum $250 set up fee and 3 management fee of $189/month. Contact AIM to discuss optional programs that might work for you.  

More Details

PPC Starter Package:

A Pay Per Click Campaign will be set up in the search engine of your request. AIM will create a Pay Per Click account, add the appropriate javascripts and set up all the details and advanced specifications that you will need to run a targeted PPC Campaign. Within this Campaign, AIM will create 2 unique Ad Groups, each containing 3 different Ads and 5 keywords of your choice. Once set up, you control the budget, Ad rotation and keyword manipulation. This package is for those that want to get up and running correctly and fast, but want to be in control of managing the day to day operations of the account.

Monthly PPC Service:

With our Pay Per Click Monthly Plan, AIM will set up an unlimited number of Ad Campaign, Ad Groups, Ads and Keywords and needed. AIM will install javascripts for your Ad Campaign and Analytics if requested. AIM will research and write multiple Ad copis for each Ad Group, and then continually research and rotate your Ads to achieve maximum conversion rates. AIM will research and choose keywords that fit these targed Ads. We will manage these keywords to obtain maximum exposure with maximum Conversion Rates. AIM will work within your budget to maximize your Cost Per Conversion on a continual basis. AIM will create keyword specific landing pages when appropriate to aid conversion rates. We will research your competitor's products, pricing and websites in order to find areas where your site has advantages that you can capitalize on.

AIM will continuosly use website Analytics to improve website performance by discovering which pages are underperforming. We will create a checkout funnel report so that we can monitor and rate all the pages in your checkout process to determine if they can be improved apon. AIM can set up A/B Testing and Multivariate Tests to discover new options for better conversion rates. Testing can be as little as changing a color or text position on a current page to creating alternative pages to test.

If you are serious about starting a PPC Campaign but don't have the time, expertise or staffing to do it properly, this is the package for you.

SEO & Alternative Marketing:

If you looking for legitimate long term traffic growth for your site, then AIM's Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Alternative Website Marketing is for you. Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting traffic to your site via the organic search section of a search engine versus the pay for placement sections. Many factors effect how high a site is ranked in the SEO section. There isn't any magic trick that can vault a site into the top 10 listings and if a SEO Marketing Company tells you they can you listed there in a short period of time, be forwarned. If a search engine catches your site using "black hat" or questionable methodes that try and game the system, your site will be black listed from that search engine. At AIM, we know the right and wrong way to develop a good SEO Campaign. Getting listed higher on the organic section can take time, but when done properly, your site will see increased targeted traffic for years to come.

AIM can also help you with a variety of other online marketing techniques. We can setup, write and manage e-mail campaigns for seeking out new customers as well as staying in contact with current customers. AIM has experience setting up and managing social network campaings such as MySpace, FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube and others. We can list and manage your products on Comparison Search Engines such as PriceGrabber, Shopzilla and Nextag.

Due to the multiple variable associated when working with these types of programs, AIM will need to get specific detail regarding you needs in order to work you up a quote. Please feel free to contact us via the web or phone.