AIM - Analytical is more than just looking at how many clicks you received. A web design is never completed. A site needs to be measured in order to analyze. If you don't analyze, you won't improve.
  • Bounce Rate
  • Shopping Cart Flow
  • Top Exit Pages
  • Types of Visitors
  • Traffic Sources
  • Hidden Keywords
  • Web Goals
  • Checkout Page Analysis
  • Defining & measuring KPI's
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Web Analytics

Companies can spend thousands of dollars on a website and even more on advertising campaigns. Without knowledgeable web analysis, the money spent will not get you as high of a return as is possible. We treat Web Analytics as an essential part of any online campaign. Analytics is the portal used to view into the customer's experience. Analytics can explain why some pages are good and why others bomb. Why some keywords have great returns and other don't. With Analytics we do A/B Testing, Funnel Report Analysis, Demographic Analysis, as well as many more. In the right hands, Web Analytics can tell you just about anything regarding your site.

AIM will discuss what is important to your site, install Analytics Reporting scripts and help you define Key Performance Indicators for your site. We will then use this information to help improve the user experience and in turn, your conversion ratio. With AIM you'll get more from Analytics than just a bunch of numbers.

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